What about your holidays?

Hi again, Since there are some of my students who are bored at home, I'll remind you two things: The deadline to use the digital book was the end of June, so you are not allowed to use it now. However, the Oxford Online Learning Zone offers you a lot of activities. You should have activated your account last October at http://oolz.oupe.es/eso/en/register. I gave you an access code and an access key. Have a look at your diary in October.

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  1. pf teacher, It's horrible the boring time in my house, I think that the high school is so funny, but with some teachers like you. I wrote the code and the key in my school agend but I don't know where is it. It doesn't mind, in my house I have three books in english, I read two. All the days I speak with all the people in English, but then I have to repeat in spanish, because my granmother doesn't know english...
    Bye bye teacher, good feria :D I hope that you give me classes, ojala :))